Transient Plasma Systems, Inc. designs and manufactures nanosecond pulsed power systems for application in industry and academia. Plasma is used in industry for a variety of critical applications including treatment of surfaces, filtration, cleaning and coatings. However, its use has been limited by high energy demand and the need for vacuum chambers and specialized approaches. TPS uses nanosecond pulsed power to unlock previously inaccessible capabilities of plasma, making plasma solutions accessible to new industries and providing innovative solutions to the next generation of commercial challenges.

Our Purpose

As stewards of nanosecond pulsed power technology, it is our responsibility to drive commercial adoption and application of transient plasma technology, to create economic value, reduce environmental impact, and solve problems facing society and industry across the world.  TPS believes in working collaboratively with clients to design solutions to real-world challenges.

Our History

TPS technology has been developed and matured at the University of Southern California, with over a decade of support from the Department of Defense. The company was spun out of the university with the express purpose of translating the technology into products and systems to respond to the demand of both military and commercial markets.

Our Culture

A key aspect of our success has been our culture. We take get great pride in fostering a culture that is founded on openness, mutual respect, trust and confidence in each other, being proactive and flexible in our approach, taking pride in our work and enjoying life in and outside of work.

TPS Founders

Martin Gundersen, Ph.D.
Technical Advisor & Board Member

World leader in field 30+ years experience
350+ published papers

Dan Singleton, Ph.D.
CEO & Board Member

Two-time startup CEO
Subject-matter expert

Jason Sanders, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer

Subject-matter expert
Award winning leader in the field

Andy Kuthi, Ph.D.
Technical Advisor

20+ years experience in the field
30+ patents, published 30+ papers

TPS Team

Dan Singleton, Ph.D.

Jason Sanders, Ph.D.
Chief Technical Officer

Sunil Murthy, Ph.D.
VP, Strategic Marketing & Business Development

Ryan Umstattd, Ph.D.
Director, Engineering

Patrick Thompson
Director, Ignition

Mark Thomas
Senior Principal Electrical Engineer

Alonzo Gomez
Jr. Electrical Engineer

Lynden Song
Senior Manufacturing Engineering Tech

Ashley George
Office Manager

TPS Board

James Demetriades
Chairman of the Board

Hoshi Printer
Vice Chairman of the Board

Chair of the Audit Committee

Mario Leone
Chair of the Compensation Committee

Martin Gundersen, Ph.D.
Chair of the Technical Advisory Board

Dan Singleton, Ph.D.
Board Member

Michael Mann, Ph.D.
Board Observer

Chair of the Executive Committee

Travis Blake, Ph.D.
Board Observer

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