TPS co-founder Prof. Martin Gundersen awarded Most Influential BEM Paper Award

Dr. Martin Gundersen, Board Member and Technical Founder for Kairos portfolio company Transient Plasma Systems (TPS), is set to receive another award for his pulsed nanosecond research, this time in the medical field: The 2012-2016 Most Influential BEM Paper Award. This award will be presented to Dr. Gundersen and his team for the following paper: Nanosecond electric pulses cause mitochondrial membrane permeabilization in Jurkat cells, published in 2012 by Tina Batista Napotnik, Yu‐Hsuan Wu, Martin A. Gundersen, Damijan
Miklavčič, P. Thomas Vernier.

“This paper was the result of the work of an international collaboration that remains productive today, and it was important for us because it represented the pursuit of a key hypothesis that drove early investigations of ultra-short electric pulse stimulation of cells. It is gratifying to hear that others found our report useful and worthy of recognition.” – P. Thomas Vernier, Research Professor in the ODU Bioelectrical Physics, and co-author on the awarded paper.

The Bioelectromagnetics Society promotes the exchange of ideas to advance the science of natural and applied electromagnetic fields in biology and medicine. The Bioelectromagnetics Society (BEMS) was established in 1978 as an independent organization of biological and physical scientists, physicians and engineers interested in the interactions of electromagnetic fields with biological systems. BEMS is an international society with members from approximately 40 different countries and regions around the world. It is incorporated as a non-profit organization in the District of Columbia, USA.

The Society’s annual conference is the major meeting in bioelectromagnetics and offers participants numerous sessions, workshops and tutorials with platform and poster reports covering current scientific topics. Attendees also meet with other professionals in the field, in both formal and informal settings, to extend their network of scientific contacts. The Society holds meetings in conjunction with other scientific or medical organizations, including the European Bioelectromagnetics Association (EBEA). The official journal of the Society is Bioelectromagnetics, a peer-reviewed journal publishing articles on all aspects of the science of biological effects of electromagnetic fields.

The Award will be presented by the BEMS President during BioEM2018 in June 2018.

This is the second award Dr. Gundersen will receive in 2018 for his work. Congratulations once again, Dr. Gundersen!

TPS Co-Founder Prof. Gundersen Awarded 2018 AIAA Plasmadynamics and Lasers Award

Dr. Martin Gundersen, Co-Founder, Technical Advisor and Board Member to Transient Plasma Systems, has been awarded the 2018 American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Plasma Dynamics and Lasers Award: for development of high-voltage pulse power technology, studies of non-equilibrium nanosecond pulse plasmas, and their applications for plasma-assisted combustion, pollution control, quantum electronics, and biology.

TPS announces venture capital seed capital investment from Kairos Ventures

TPS is very excited to announce our first round of outside investment with Kairos Ventures!

TPS awarded DOE STTR Phase I with Old Dominion University

Transient Plasma Systems was awarded a $150K grant from the Department of Energy with Old Dominion University

Project Title: Optimization of Nanosecond Transient Plasma Ignition for Clean Combustion

TPS awarded a $1M grant from the California Energy Commission for research and development of its ignition approach

Transient Plasma Systems was awarded a $1M grant from the California Energy Commission for research and development of its ignition approach. TPS thanks Cummins Wesport for match-funding and partner Argonne National Laboratory.

Project Title: Development and Demonstration of a Production-Intent Transient Plasma Ignition System for High Efficiency Natural Gas Engines

TPS announced a winner of the 2016 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards

TPS continues its yearly streak and wins the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2016 Patrick Soon-Shiong Innovation Awards! Thanks to everyone on the TPS team and all who continue to support us!

Transient Plasma Systems awarded a $1M grant from the Department of Energy

Transient Plasma Systems was awarded a $1M grant from the Department of Energy for research and development of its ignition approach!

Project Summary: Dilute-burn engines are the key to developing more energy efficient vehicles, but limitations of existing ignition technology prevents wide-spread application. A low-energy and cost-effective non-thermal plasma ignition system will be developed, enabling reductions in nitrogen oxides and particulate emissions by over 50% and fuel savings over 20%.

Transient Plasma Systems Wins Prestigious Ocean Exchange / WWL $100,000 Award

TORRANCE, CA–(Marketwired – Nov 10, 2015) – Transient Plasma Systems Inc. (TPS) today announced that it has won the prestigious Ocean Exchange/WWL Orcelle® 2015 Award of $100,000 for its Energy Efficient Low Emission Ignition concept.

Ray Fitzgerald, President for Atlantic of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics (WWL), congratulated the winner: “Transient Plasma Systems has developed an energy efficient, low emission plasma ignition technology that can help shipping reduce NOx emissions, as well as improve fuel efficiency in any combustion engine. It’s a technology that can have a major impact on human health and the environment; and is a very fitting winner of the Orcelle Award.”

Dr. Dan Singleton, CEO and co-founder of TPS, said, “We are humbled by this award and proud of what our team has accomplished already. TPS has developed deep relationships with companies that value our fundamentally new technological approach to combustion, including automotive and truck manufacturers and engine producers. These relationships will help accelerate our path to making a major impact on energy consumption and emissions around the world.”

Dr. Jason Sanders, CTO and co-founder of TPS, stated that, “Our application-focused R&D has resulted in a patent portfolio that provides a foundation to quickly move from concept to commercialization. The resulting alpha prototypes have been tested at leading U.S. national laboratories and universities, and were shown to extend the limits of dilute combustion. This has resulted in up to 20 percent higher fuel efficiency, as well as a significant reduction in NOx production. These findings have been published in peer reviewed journals. The maturation of our technology has outpaced our expectations, resulting in a product that I think can offer a cost-effective solution for auto makers as they work to meet the aggressive new CAFE Standard regulatory requirements.”

This accelerated development cycle was made possible largely through fundamental research conducted at Professor Martin Gundersen’s Pulsed Power Laboratory at the University of Southern California (USC), under the guidance of both Professor Gundersen and Dr. András Kuthi. Dr. Singleton and Dr. Sanders both note that they are indebted to Professor Gunderson and Dr. Kuthi, whose mentorship in fundamental science and technology laid the groundwork for TPS.

“Our drive towards commercialization will allow engine and automotive manufacturers to achieve a dramatic reduction in emissions — including NOx and particulates — while simultaneously improving fuel economy,” Dr. Sanders continued. “Our products have applications for engines used in automotive, trucking, natural gas vehicles, stationary power generation, marine, and other transportation.”

Beyond combustion in engines, the nanosecond pulsed power technology TPS has developed has numerous other applications. Ongoing explorations into the effects of nanosecond duration pulsed electric field have received industry attention for both agricultural and medical applications.

Professor Gundersen expressed his enthusiasm by noting that, “The technology that we have been incubating in the lab for over 20 years does not just tinker with the present ignition system in engines. It is a radically new way to chemically combust the fuel in automotive and marine engines, thereby providing a safe and effective way for manufacturers to reduce noxious emissions either on the road or on the seas. In due time, the outstanding team at TPS will also explore other applications of this nanosecond pulsed power technology.”

Dr. Michael Mann, Chairman of the Board for TPS, said, “The road to commercialization is never easy. Based on my experience, the dedication and talent displayed at TPS in understanding the needs of our customers is unsurpassed, and research and development is all geared towards a fast and focused product development.”

As members of the Board of Directors for TPS, Mario Leone and Hoshi Printer stated that, “Our reason for actively participating in TPS is that this technology for combustion is completely different than the normal physics used for the last 100 years. TPS fundamentally alters combustion chemistry to enhance performance and reduce emissions. This technology is ready for commercialization, and has broader applications beyond its use in all types of engines.”

Dr. Singleton indicated that the $100,000 award would be used to hire technical resources and purchase testing equipment to further the goal of early commercialization with business partners.

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